Sherwood Forest Neighborhood Association
MAY 31, 2010

Community Character Protection Meetings
Sherwood Forest neighborhood has been covered under the Community Character Protection Interim Measures for the past two years, and this protection expires August 2010. The neighborhood association officers and board of directors are recommending that we make the Community Character Protection overlay permanent by adopting the newly approved ordinance CC1 Community Character Protection District (click this link to see the entire ordinance). This ordinance is essentially the same as the current Interim Measures, so there would be no change from the current conditions. We would just be making them permanent.

Plan of action for implementing the CC1 Community Character Protection District:
  • On June 8th from 6:00 - 8:00pm at the Sherwood Forest ARP Church on Beltline Blvd we will have a community discussion about the new ordinance. This is your opportunity to learn all about it and ask questions of the city staff responsible for it. Light refreshments will be provided.
  • On June 22nd from 6:00 - 8:00pm at the Sherwood Forest ARP Church on Beltline Blvd we will have voting on whether or not to apply the ordinance to our neighborhood. Simply drop by, pick up your pre-addressed ballot, vote, and drop your ballot into the secure ballot box. City staff will be manning the polls, will tally the vote, and inform us of the results.
  • A post card announcing these two meeting s is being sent out by the city the week of May 24th to all official property owners in Sherwood Forest.
  • The city will also mail out absentee ballots in case property owners cannot make it to the polls on June 22nd. The absentee ballots will be sent to the city and their staff will tally them with the ballots cast on June 22nd.
  • If the proposal is approved by majority vote (of ballots cast) it will have to go to the next scheduled Planning Commission meeting (likely July) and after that, the next scheduled Zoning Public Hearing (likely September). The Zoning Public Hearing is typically succeeded by two readings within a few weeks of the initial Zoning Public Hearing (occasionally City Council will combine a public hearing and first reading when they are comfortable doing so; then a second reading follows). A formal legislative process is followed here since an approved CC-1 for Sherwood Forest would enter the zoning ordinance as a map and text amendment.
If you have questions about this process please email Ed Tilden, President of the Sherwood Forest Neighborhood Association at

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