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September 26, 2020

Neighborhood Piggly Wiggly News
As all may be aware, there have been some news reports about our neighborhood Piggly Wiggly (known as the Social Pig) being replaced by another grocery chain who is moving into the South Carolina market. The owner of the Piggly Wiggly business has stated that there are no plans to sell or close the store, and that there is a lease in place. The grocery store chain LIDL has not commented publicly. The local family trust that is curently listed as the owner of the property that the Pig and the former Long's Drugs sit on has not commented publicly. The property is under management by the Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust which calls the property "Devine Street Center" and has the former Long's Drugs for lease. According to The Post & Courier, a spokesman for Wheeler stated that LIDL is in a “study period” on the property. They also state that Wheeler is the owner of the property.

Post & Courier story...

Wheeler listing...

We do know that at the September 14 City of Columbia Planning Commission meeting, a request to allow group development signage on behalf of LIDL US on the property was approved with a recommendation of staff.

The details of the request are available here...

We also know that at the October 1 CoC Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, a request for a special exception to establish a liquor store on the property by the same agent who applied for the signage permit on behalf of LIDL US is on the agenda.

A draft agenda is available at the CoC website

As the date of the meeting gets closer, details of the exception request will be available as a link from the agenda.

Several Sherwood Forest neighbors have expressed concern about losing The Pig and particularly about the liquor store. While there are no public remedies for real estate or business transactions, opposition or support can be voiced regarding the zoning exemption by contacting the Zoning Commission prior to the hearing or by participating in the meeting virtually as outlined in the above agenda.

The criteria for a special exemption are available at the CoC website...

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