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JANUARY 18, 2008

USC Belser Arboretum Open House
Join us for the regular monthly Arboretum open house Sunday, January 20. Winter has finally settled in and the Arboretum vistas have opened up as a result of leaf fall and the continuing brush clearing.

Read more details on the new developments in the Arboretum at the SFNA web site at

City Council Meeting, January 23
City Council will hold another public hearing on the Interim Measures for Community Character Protection. The Planning Commission has recommended that a neighborhood's request for protection require the approval of 50% of the property owners as opposed to the memorandum's original requirement which allows for a majority vote at an association meeting after due notice to property owners. Our neighborhood has already voted to request protection.

As residents and property owners in Sherwood Forest you may have already received a direct mailing and possibly a telemarketing phone call characterizing the Interim Measures as a threat to your property rights. In fact, they simply provide a mechanism for neighborhood input and city planning review of demolitions, removals and lot subdivisions in our established in town neighborhoods. Current zoning ordinances adopted in the 1970's already apply restrictions, but did not anticipate the types of in fill development which are now occurring.

City Council can choose to accept this recommendation or stay with the originally outlined opt in procedures. Our City Council members are Anne Sinclair, 545-3065,; Daniel J. Rickenmann, 799-9477,; and Tameika Isaac Devine, 545-3076, Contact them with your concerns or plan to attend the Council meeting.

A Notice of Public Hearing which contains a synopsis of the Interim Measures is available at

More background information on in fill development is available at

Adopt-A-Street Trash Pickup
On Saturday, February 9th the Sherwood Forest Neighborhood Association will be picking up trash and cleaning up our neighborhood. Everyone is invited to help. We will meet at Brad Painter's home at 320 Kalmia Drive for coffee and doughnuts at 9am. At that time we will hand out trash bags and safety vests, and then clean up afterwards. It shouldn't take more than 2-3 hours. Please come help if you can. This event is part of the Adopt-A-Street program of the City of Columbia. More information about the Adopt-A-Street program is available on the Keep The Midlands Beautiful web site.

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