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OCTOBER 19, 2007

USC Belser Arboretum Open House
SFNA and USC will host an Open House for the USC Belser Arboretum on Sunday, October 21 from 1-4pm. This is our regularly scheduled Open House on the third Sunday of the month. Dr. Pat DeCoursey will present a workshop on Climate Change: Probably Causes and Some Helpful Remedies in poster format rather than a discussion. Information will be posted on the bulletin board in the lower outdoor classroom. Most of our visitors seem to prefer walking the trail and asking questions on their own.

The Organic Garden and a new Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden have been set up as raised beds. Extensive brush clearing has continued on the west border near the Wilmot gate. Unfortunately, the weather has delayed the onset of fall color in the Arboretum!

Come a take a stroll through our neighborhood's oasis in the city! Everyone in the neighborhood is invited. No pets are allowed. Please consider walking to the Arboretum as parking is limited.

Sherwood Forest Halloween Party
The annual Sherwood Forest Halloween Party will be on Sunday, October 28 at 4:30pm. More details will be available soon!

General Meeting November 13
The next general meeting will be Tuesday, November 13 at 6pm at the Sherwood Forest ARP Church. We will be electing our executive officers, who will be serving two year terms. The proposed slate is Larry Hembree, President; Ed Tilden, Vice President; Cari Pulliam, Secretary; and Rhett Bailey, Treasurer. Also, there can be nominees from the floor. Only paid up registered members of the SFNA can vote in the officers election.

We will also be voting on whether to seek protection under the Interim Measures For Community Character Protection as implemented by City Council on September 19. All residents of the neighborhood have a vote on this question.

Columbia City Council has approved a two year interim plan for neighborhoods which provides for a review of proposed demolitions, subdivisions and removals. The plan also addresses the size of new construction in relation to the existing homes in the neighborhood.

LaToya Grate from the Preservation Planning Department will be on hand to answer questions about the interim plan.

All residents of Sherwood Forest are urged to read the interim plan, consider its implications, and be prepared to provide proof of property ownership to vote on this issue at the November 13 general meeting.

More information is available on the SFNA website at

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