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NOVEMBER 15, 2007

General Meeting Report
At our general meeting on Tuesday, November 13th, the proposed slate of Larry Hembree, President; Ed Tilden, Vice President; Cari Pulliam, Secretary; and Rhett Bailey, Treasurer was elected by acclamation.

After a presentation by LaToya Grate from the Preservation Planning Department and extended discussion, those present voted to seek protection under the Interim Measures For Community Character Protection as implemented by City Council on September 19th. A letter has been sent to Marc Mylott, Director of Development Services and Zoning Administrator in accordance with the adoption procedures.

More information about the ordinance is available on the SFNA web site at

USC Belser Arboretum Open House
SFNA and USC will host an Open House for the USC Belser Arboretum on Sunday, November 18th from 1-4pm. This is our regularly scheduled Open House on the third Sunday of the month.

Rosemary Biscardi will present a clinic on wreath making using wild muscadine grape vines. Some vines will be available, but you might want to bring your own to construct your own holiday wreath. New features include the raised bed organic garden, the discovery of a grove of sparkleberry trees, and a spur path to the base of the giant bald cypress. More information about the open house and other new features at the Arboretum is available on the SFNA web site at

In part as a result of our efforts to support the Arboretum, the Educational Foundation at USC has set up two accounts, a "spendable" account for immediate expenses and a long-term endowment account. SFNA prefers that gifts be directed to the Endowment Account to insure that the Arboretum remains an asset to our neighborhood.
Spendable Account: #1A3769: "W. Gordon Belser Arboretum"
Endowed Account: #811336: "The W. Gordon Belser Arboretum Endowment Fund"
Contact Mr. Christopher R. DeWolf, Sr. Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences, Gambrell Hall, Suite 257B, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208. Phone (803) 576-5819, Fax (803) 777-4532,

Come and take a stroll through our neighborhood's oasis in the city! Everyone in the neighborhood is invited. As usual, please consider walking to the Arboretum as parking will be limited. Stay on marked trails. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. No tobacco, alcohol, food, radios, cell phones or pets are allowed.

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