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DECEMBER 13, 2007

USC Belser Arboretum Open House
Join us for the regular monthly Arboretum open house. The volunteers and staff at the W. Gordon Belser Arboretum have made much progress on projects at the Arboretum. Enjoy these as you walk the Loop Trail and the spur paths.

A display of Christmas Gifts from the Forests and Fields will be located during the Open House in the Lower Outdoor Classroom by the spring, to give you ideas for gift making. Also available will be the raw materials and an instructor to help you try some of the gift ideas yourself while you are in the Arboretum.

Read more details on the new developments in the Arboretum at the SFNA web site at

Planning Commission Meeting
At the December 3 meeting, the Planning Commission did not recommend Sherwood Forest's request for protection under the Interim Measures for Community Character Protection. Their action included recommending not allowing the protection for Cottonwood, Heathwood, Hollywood/Rosehill, and Shandon. Wales Gardens was recommended. Instead, the Commission recommended to City Council that neighborhoods must gather signatures from at least 50% of property owners to receive protection.

City Council can choose to accept this recommendation or stay with the originally outlined opt in procedures. Our City Council members are Anne Sinclair, 545-3065,; Daniel J. Rickenmann, 799-9477,; and Tameika Isaac Devine, 545-3076, Contact them with your concerns.

Crime Report for the South Region
Officer Folding has asked the neighborhood to be aware of increased auto breakins in the South Region. The holidays are a prime time for auto breakins in shopping areas. Be sure to put purchases in the trunk or out of sight while shopping.

Officer Folding reminds us to lock our cars, leave no valuble items in plain sight in the vehicle, and park in well lighted areas. Additional crime prevention tips are available on the web site at

The complete report and previous reports are available on the SFNA web site at

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