Sherwood Forest Neighborhood Association
MAY 29, 2008

Neighborhood-Wide Yard Sale!
We have scheduled our neighborhood-wide for Saturday, May 31 from 9am to 2pm. Advertisements have been placed in The State and the Free Times. Set up your sale in your own yard. Keep all the proceeds. Start cleaning out those closets!

If you are planning to participate, please email your name and street address to, and we will prepare a map of participating households so folks can find their way around the neighborhood.

SFNA Block Party May 18 Recap!
The SFNA Block Party was a great success!

Thanks to Granny's Got a Gig and Chris Lee for supplying muscial entertainment. And thanks to our neighbors Hasson and Gigi Addahoumi from Sammi's Deli on Beltline for providing food, and to Hugh McColl from Piggly Wiggly (The Pig) on Devine for providing plates and utensils. Please patronize these establishments and let them know that you appreciate their generosity!

Stay tuned for more information about our Fall Block Party BBQ on Saturday, September 6, our Friday October 31 Halloween Hot Dog Party, and an adult After The Holidays Party in early January.

Sherwood Forest Neighborhood Co-op
SFNA is working on neighborhood co-operative buying arrangements. Our first effort is a tree service to provide services in the neighborhood during a certain time at a reduced rate. If you are interested, contact or call Larry Hembree at 782-3952.

Also our neighbor, Dan Rogers, who has a yard maintenance service, has agreed to provide lawn aeration in the neighborhood. He will rent an aerator and the more folks who sign up the cheaper it will be! Again, call or call Larry Hembree at 782-3952 if you are interested.

Interim Measures Signage
You may have noticed the green Planning Commission signs around our neighborhood. They are notices of a Planning Commission review of the revised Interim Measures. See for more information.

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