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JULY 15, 2008

USC Belser Arboretum All-Neighborhood Work Day
In preparation for the Sunday July 20th Arboretum Open House, the Sherwood Forest Neighborhood will host a work day, Saturday, July 19th. The main goal will be to clean up the exterior CANDO gardens, but we may also work inside the arboretum, depending on need. Coffee, juice, water, donuts, and cookies will be provided!!! Come join us while it is still (relatively) cool, from 8-11:30am. Call or email Valerie Marcil (738-0682, 331-1138, for more information, or just show up!

USC Belser Arboretum July 20 Open House
The July Open House for the W. Gordon Arboretum will be held on July 20 from 1-4 pm. Five projects that were newly completed during the last month will be showcased. The workshop for July will continue the multi-faceted theme of environmental awareness with a guided tour of two of the Arboretum's key new projects. The tour will visit the Chestnut Forest to demonstrate the design of the planting to accommodate the special needs of American chestnut seedlings; the tour will then continue to the nearby dam/spillway overlook. Come and see what 15 tons of granite rock can do to stabilize the waterfall and stream, as well as create an attractive and naturalistic waterfall.

Read the July Arboretum Open House Update at

Everyone in the neighborhood is invited, and volunteers are especially encouraged to attend. Please do not bring cell phones, food or drink. No bicycles or animals will be allowed. Please consider walking to the Arboretum as parking is limited.

Crime Alert
Officer Folding has reported that there has been a rash of auto breakins in the Hampton Hills area. He asks us to keep a look out for suspicious individuals or activity in our neighborhood and report it to the police. He also urges us to take precautions to prevent auto breakins by removing or putting out of sight valuables such as electronics, pocketbooks, wallets, etc.

See for information on how to prevent auto breakins.

Read the most recent crime report from Officer Folding at

If you have experienced a crime perpetrated against you or your property, report it immediately to the police by calling 911. To report suspicious activity, call 911 or the non-emergency number 252-2911 or our neighborhood liaison Officer Folding at 354-2759. Then please alert your neighbors, your Block Captain and John Hudson 782-8935 <>, our Safety Committee Chairperson.

Upcoming Events
Mark your calendars for our General Meeting on Tuesday, August 12; BBQ Block Party with blue grass music in September; Halloween Hot Dog Supper in October; and an Adult Party in January 2009. More info to come.

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